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Today, cryptocurrency evolves in various ways. As cryptocurrency was conceived, it suddenly affected e-commerce, so the interest in cryptocurrency has increased rapidly.

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On the other hand, there are cryptocurrencies which have been deemed as fraud and cryptocurrencies that do not comply with laws and regulations. In addition, brokers dealing in the sale of cryptocurrency and customers are constantly in trouble.
Currently, there are various risks for customers who purchase cryptocurrency issued at ICO. Also, of the best cryptocurrencies around the world, it is difficult for general individual investors to get satisfactory information on these global cryptocurrencies due to language barriers and borders. In order to solve these problems, we created the ODIN platform which aims to gather information on cryptocurrencies and ICOs around the world, and enable investors to purchase for themselves.
This platform allows any user to obtain information on cryptocurrency and ICO from around the world and make purchases. Also, in order to make it easier for users to use the service, we also offer mobile applications as well as web applications.



  • April 2017
    * Market and feasibility analysis
    * Initial product and implementation plan
    * Check for legal and regulatory status
  • May 2017
    * ODIN v1.0 prototype design and development
    * ODIN ICO planning and analysis
  • June 2017
    Commence ICO and smart
    Contract Development
  • July 2017
    Start ODIN v1.0
  • September 2017
    Begin Development of
    Official ODIN White Paper
  • October 2017
    ICO smart contract
    security audit
  • November 2017
    * White paper release
    * Marketing campaign
  • December2017
    Testing and Quality Control on
    ICO Website
  • January 2018
    * Audit Ethereum Smart Contract
    * Review White Paper (EN & JP)
    * Start CrowdSale
  • February 2018
    * Complate Analysis and Development Plans for ODIN v1.0
    * Commerce Development for ODIN v1.0 - ERC2.0Wallet
  • March 2018
    * Complete Development and Test for ERC2.0 Wallet
    * Complete Test and Security Audit of ICO Website
  • April 2018
    * Launch ODIN Website with White Paper
    * Enable User Registration and Subscription to ODIN ICO
    * Begin Accepting Funds from Public for ODIN ICO
  • July 2018
    * Launch ODIN v1.0
    * ODIN ICO interface development based on
    various vertical market
  • September 2018
    ICO project in partnership with
    ICO consulting company (ASEAN)
  • November 2018
    Crypto currency exchange partnership
    (ASEAN and Asia region)
  • December 2018
    * Multilingual function to ODIN-application
    * Crypto currency exchange partnership
    (Asia market)
    * ICO project in partnership with ICO consulting company
  • March 2019
    * ICO project in partnership with ICOconsulting company (ASIA)
    * Crypto currency exchanges partnership
    (Such as Switzerland, Slovakia, Luxembourg, the UK,
    the Netherlands, Liechtenstein, Malta and Estonia)
  • September 2019
    * ICO project in partnership with ICO
    consulting company (EU)
    * Crypto currency exchange
    partnership with USA and
    Canada companies.
  • September 2019
    * ICO project in partnership with
    ICO consulting company (ASIA)
    * Crypto currency exchange partnership
    in Australia and New Zealand comapnies
  • December 2019
    ICO project in partnership
    with ICO consulting
    company (EU)


  • CEO & Founder : Kazuki Hayashi
    CEO & Founder
    Kazuki Hayashi
    Kazuki’s Profile Summary:
    CEO & Founder, Odin Wealth Management AG
    Currently, Kazuki is the CEO and Founder of Odin Wealth Management AG domicile in Zug, Swiss, he is the driving force behind Odin to spear head the company’s vision and goal for a multi-trading platform for Cryptocurrency industry. Besides being the CEO and Founder of Odin, he seats as the Chairman of the board in No Wall Pte Ltd, a Singapore based ICO consulting company. Prior to this, he started a FX community in Japan, creating one of the biggest community in the FX industry in 2014. During his tenure as one of the leading and early adopter of FX community, he discovered Cryptocurrency and that’s where it leads to his current business ventures. Before being one of the leading communities in FX industry, he was a serial entrepreneur on FX trading and business investments. Kazuki is currently residing in both Singapore and Japan and travels to Swiss from time to time.
  • CFO : Yuichiro Tanaka
    Yuichiro Tanaka
    Yuichiro’s Profile Summary:
    Currently CFO of Odin Wealth Management AG in Zug, Switzerland, and architect of the financially sound and well managed Odin venture. Leading the way in terms of vision and goals of multi-trading platforms in the cryptocurrency industry. Experience in managing a financial consulting company, FX trading fund manager, and CFO of 3 FX brokerages prior to launching the Odin project. Utilizing his experience and wealth of financial knowledge as well as knowledge of the importance of KYC and the laws and regulations of different countries, Yuichiro is forging a sound cryptocurrency company for the future. Driving its success is the idea that more and more investors demand a secure cryptocurrency company such as this. Yuichiro currently lives in Japan where he keeps track of all the industry trends from around the world leading ODIN to a better and brighter future.
  • Head of Marketing :
    Hiroyuki Konno
    Head of Marketing
    Hiroyuki Konno
    Hiroyuki's Profile Summary:
    Head of Marketing at Odin Wealth Management AG. Hiroyuki is currently in charge of marketing at Odin Wealth Management AG based in Zug, Switzerland. Hiroyuki spent 3 years at a marketing consultant company before the Odin project was launched. Utilizing his experience he is promoting a more secure Odin on a global scale and is striving to make the cryptocurrency industry ever more financially sound.
  • Office Manager : Alex Peyton
    Office Manager
    Alex Peyton
    Alex's Profile Summary:
    Over 15 years experience in business dealing with all aspects of launching a start-up company and taking it to a leader in its field on the national stage. Experience in sales and marketing, business development, project management and high level customer service. Since selling share in the online retailer and distributor of English language textbooks in Japan, returned to UK to set up freelance translation service, Yukioto. Currently working at Odin Wealth Management AG as office manager, utilizing skills in business and translation to provide the best in cryptocurrency related services.
  • Business Development Executive :
    Wen Si
    Business Development Executive
    Wen Si
    Wen's Profile Summary:
    Business Development Executive at Odin. An effective, resourceful professional with a strong desire to succeed, Wen Si possesses impressive communication skills and a deep understanding of marketing strategy and business development. With more than 8 years in dealing with clients and partners across Asia, Wen Si is able to proactively drive research in business development with her outgoing personality.
  • Business Development :
    Karin Nagano
    Business Development
    Karin Nagano
    Karin's Profile Summary:
    Karin is currently Business Development at Odin Wealth Management AG domiciled in Zug, Switzerland. In the past, Karin worked as a consultant on software engineering requirements for introducing SAP systems to a major company in the steel industry, and subsequently on projects with leading companies in the life insurance industry on Salesforce implementation training in the workplace. She is now focused on making ODIN a leading global business.
  • General Manager :
    Mr. Lukesh Pillai
    (To comprehensively control management)
    General Manager
    Mr. Lukesh Pillai
    Lukesh’s Profile Summary:
    Over 10 years of diverse experience across IT solutions development, change management, release management, excellent customer service delivery, proven track record of driving web traffic and increasing corporate revenue with creative marketing strategy and proven SEO tactics. Possess excellent man-management capabilities in leading technical service team, supporting 60+ countries. Consistently exceeded performance standards leading to numerous compliments from customers and winning multiple awards.
  • Blockchain Development :
    Mr. Srihari Kapu
    (IT Manager)
    Blockchain Development
    Mr. Srihari Kapu
    Srihari's Profile Summary:
    BTM's blockchain developer and a self-motivated individual who is committed to thinking outside of the box by enhancing his analytical approach on blockchain technology. Known as a forward thinker at BTM, he is keen to explore blockchain as the technology grows. Above all, Srihari won Bitcoin Awards in 2017.


  • Rolf Lumpe
    Rolf's Summary:
    • Serial entrepreneur with more than 20 years of experience in driving international technology and business development for Fortune 100 and startup companies.
    • Founding member of Xona Partners, a boutique M&A advisory and incubator specialized in Internet, Media, Mobile Technologies and Fintech, leading strategy, technology transformation and due diligence projects.
    • Executive in various leading technology companies such as BlackRidge, B.Yond aka Nexius, XConnect Global Networks, ON2 Technology (acquired by Google), VocalTec Communications, and Nortel Networks.
    • Throughout his career he has been fostering innovation of emerging technologies. With strong focus nowadays on Fintech, Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence and other key technologies for the 21-century he is taking an active part in the global task force for promoting Open Source solutions and its regulatory compliance.
    • Master\'s degree in electronics from Aachen University of Technology in Germany and Japan. INSEAD business school for marketing technology products in local and expanding global sectors.
  • Chin Yeu Yao
    Chin's Profile Summary:
    Chin Yeu Yao is currently Founder and Director for DEUS Management Pte Ltd domicile in Singapore, overseeing new business corporate advisory strategically for the Asia Pacific Region.
    Currently, he is seating on various companies as an adviser and a shareholder from IT to non-IT companies in Singapore, Japan, UK and USA.
    Before founding Deus Management Pte Ltd, he severed as H3C Technologies Japan Co., Ltd’s Country Manager and Representative Director (formerly known as Huawei-3Com Japan Co., Ltd). During his tenure, he has helped the company to re-organize with localized strategy in place, increased operational efficiency, added new key business partners and new markets as well as OEM business which is part of Japan business operation. Before Huawei-3Com, he served as Country Manager and Representative Director for SurfControl Japan (currently known as Websense Co., Ltd), a Network security Corporation a manufacturer for Application security where he has contributed to double-branding with Japanese key local vendors and as Japan Country Manager and Vice president for Asia for CyberGuard Corporation (currently known as Secure Computing Co., Ltd), a Network security Corporation a manufacturer for Firewall/VPN and application security solution. Prior to this, he was with a local Japanese distributor/system integrator, which focuses on procuring foreign, networking products/solutions to the Japanese market, localizing, integration of third party solutions, joint-software development with well-renowned carriers and sales and marketing activities.
    Before the above positions, he was the founding partner for Pacific Management Holdings as well as Pacific Investment Holdings taking care of numerous investment accounts as well as proxy representative for Singapore invested companies for the Japanese and China market.
    Currently he is residing in Singapore with his family after 20 years in Japan.
  • Naoki Sannohe
    Naoki's Summary:
    Graduated from Rikkyo University, College of Sociology.
    Established management consulting company after working at Nikko Cordial Securities, Inc.
    Following this entered the Blockchain technology industry upon first encounter with Ethereum in 2016.
    Currently working within the ICO business at Hong Kong-based Token News while still active as a founding member of Blockchain Technology Malaysia (BTM) based in Malayasia.
    Utilizing experience at Token News and BTM working as an ICO advisor at ODIN with a focus on marketing.
  • Yasumine Satake
    Yasumine's Profile Summary:
    Since the expansion of Japanese banking overseas from about 2000 with the Japanese Financial Big Bang, I have been working on the establishment of asset management companies, investment fund ratings agencies, Swiss private banks, and pension related companies as well as working in asset management and investment banking, including mergers of trust companies and the integration of securities companies, etc.
    2004: Mitsubishi UFJ Wealth Management Securities
    2008: The Tokyo Star Bank, Limited
    2015: SBI Holdings, Inc.
    2017: SBI Sumishin Net Bank, Ltd.


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