Today, cryptocurrency evolves in various ways. As cryptocurrency was conceived, it suddenly affected e-commerce, so the interest in cryptocurrency has increased rapidly. On the other hand, there are cryptocurrencies which have been deemed as fraud and cryptocurrencies that do not comply with laws and regulations. In addition, brokers dealing in the sale of cryptocurrency and customers are constantly in trouble.
Currently, there are various risks for customers who purchase cryptocurrency issued at ICO. Also, of the best cryptocurrencies around the world, it is difficult for general individual investors to get satisfactory information on these global cryptocurrencies due to language barriers and borders. In order to solve these problems, we created the ODIN platform which aims to gather information on cryptocurrencies and ICOs around the world, and enable investors to purchase for themselves.
This platform allows any user to obtain information on cryptocurrency and ICO from around the world and make purchases. Also, in order to make it easier for users to use the service, we also offer mobile applications as well as web applications.



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  • CEO : Yuichiro Tanaka
    Yuichiro’s Profile Summary:
    Currently CEO of Odin Wealth Management AG in Zug, Switzerland, and the driving force behind a solidly managed Odin. Leading the way in terms of vision and goals of multi-trading platforms in the cryptocurrency industry. Experience in managing a financial consulting company and fund manager of FX trading prior to launching the Odin project. A wealth of financial knowledge as well as knowledge of the importance of KYC and the laws and regulations of different countries with the capability to contribute and create a more rigorously sound cryptocurrency industry. Currently living in Japan.
  • General Manager :
    Mr. Lukesh Pillai
    (To comprehensively control management)
    Lukesh’s Profile Summary:
    Over 10 years of diverse experience across IT solutions development, change management, release management, excellent customer service delivery, proven track record of driving web traffic and increasing corporate revenue with creative marketing strategy and proven SEO tactics. Possess excellent man-management capabilities in leading technical service team, supporting 60+ countries. Consistently exceeded performance standards leading to numerous compliments from customers and winning multiple awards.
  • Blockchain Development :
    Mr. Srihari Kapu
    (IT Manager)
    Srihari's Profile Summary:
    BTM's blockchain developer and a self-motivated individual who is committed to thinking outside of the box by enhancing his analytical approach on blockchain technology. Known as a forward thinker at BTM, he is keen to explore blockchain as the technology grows. Above all, Srihari won Bitcoin Awards in 2017.
  • Office Manager : Alex Peyton
    Alex's Profile Summary:
    Over 15 years experience in business dealing with all aspects of launching a start-up company and taking it to a leader in its field on the national stage. Experience in sales and marketing, business development, project management and high level customer service. Since selling share in the online retailer and distributor of English language textbooks in Japan, returned to UK to set up freelance translation service, Yukioto. Currently working at Odin Wealth Management AG as office manager, utilizing skills in business and translation to provide the best in cryptocurrency related services.


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  • Rolf Lumpe


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