August 3rd, 2018

July 2018, ODIN WEALTH MANAGEMENT AG has launched Odin Wallet.


July 2018, ODIN WEALTH MANAGEMENT AG has launched Odin Wallet – an exciting new platform that will provide a onestop marketplace for ICO tokens with expert reviews, premium access and news and media feeds.



The ODIN Wallet platform is an ICO information portal and an all-in-on presale token marketplace for potential participants who wish to leverage the booming ICO industry.

The platform provides interested clients exclusive information about major upcoming ICOs along with premium access to purchasing reserve tokens from these crowdsales.

Additionally, ODIN aims to enable ICO participants make informed decisions by providing carefully researched and analysed reviews of upcoming token sales along with details about their product specifications, whitepapers and planned timelines for implementation.

Platform users will be able to browse news feeds and subscribe to a host of premium ICO information services.



We would like to launch the ODIN Wallet for IOS in this September.

Registrations for ODIN Wallet can be done here –

We will continue to improve ICO business for users.