Odin – The Curated Token Marketplace & Crypto-Academy

The Odin platform lists ICO projects from around the world. Users who want to invest in ICO projects can register on the platform and get up-to-date information on ICOs so they can make informed decisions about which ICO project they would like to participate in. All ICOs are fully vetted by Odin and only genuine ICO projects will pass the rigorous Odin checks so users can participate confident in the knowledge that the ICO project is safe and trusted.

Points for Odin Token Holders – users who hold Odin tokens will be given points. The more tokens they own, the more points they get. Points can be used to get discounts and priority purchases on ICO tokens. Points can also be used to subscribe to premium content, news and media on selected ICO projects.
How it works:
1. Create an Odin account at www.odinwallet.io
2. Once registered, buy Odin tokens and build up your points
3. Subscribe to Premium Contents or browse the ICO projects listed on the platform
4. Select the ICO you’d like to participate in and the amount you’d like to invest
5. Odin will set up your request to ensure you can participate directly in the ICO of your choice