Want to invest in ICOs and not miss out? But confused about these things?
ODIN has your simple solutions! Click here if you want answers to these questions
  • Q1
    Where are ODIN based and what is your legal structure?
    ODIN (Odin Wealth Management AG) is incorporated in Zug, Switzerland, with some of our Technical Engineering being based in Malaysia.
  • Q2
    Can an investor request a refund?
    As per ICO regulations, refunds cannot be issued during the ICO period. Regarding the request for sale it is necessary to wait until tokens are sold on the exchange.
  • Q3
    How many ODIN tokens will be issued during the token sale?
    During the token sale (pre-sale and the ICO), 65% (130 million) of the 200 million tokens will be sold to general customers, 15% (30 million) will be paid out as business partner compensation and expenses, and 20% (40 million) will be retained internally as ODIN’s reserve.
  • Q4
    Will there be a lock-up for the tokens issued during token sale?
    Yes, tokens are non-transferable until the ICO is completed. For team members there are agreements in place to prevent selling of all tokens until after listed on exchanges.
  • Q5
    Will the project be cancelled or affected if you do not reach your soft cap?
    In the event that the ICO crowd sale does not hit the soft cap, the project will move ahead regardless of what is raised.
  • Q6
    Will your Wallet be De-centralized?
    Yes, the wallet will be decentralized.
  • Q7
    Can I purchase tokens as a corporation?
    Yes, tokens are available for corporate purchase.
  • Q8
    Do I need to register my personal information??
    Yes, it is necessary for all users to register their personal information as this is required for Know Your Customer (KYC) procedures.

ODIN’s Key Services

1. The ODIN platform and business model offers our clients unique opportunities and tools to make confident choices and ICO investments. As an investor in ODIN we provide you with industry insider, pre-ICO information, analysis and forecasted listing dates. We take the guess-work out of who or what to believe for potential ICO investors. As an added bonus, ODIN is an independent company with the flexibility to move across exchanges and bring you the benefit of multiple points of market access and languages. It is the gateway powerhouse to pre-ICO information.

2. Be part of the ODIN team and watch our planned, structured services unfold and grow! You have the chance to be a partner in building our long term value creation platform. We are not just here for today, we are designed to continue and develop for tomorrow too! To create an Odin Wallet go to https://www.odintoken.io/login and start building the future of your dreams today!

3. The core ODIN growth strategy is to use our unique market position to build strategic partnerships with ICO consulting companies and exchanges, first across Asia, and then expanding world wide. This interconnectivity within the expanding marketplace will allow us to bring continued growth and added value to our ODIN investors. Further, ODIN’s whitelisting process collaborating with specialized industry consulting firms, law offices and regulators across the globe provide the stability and security needed for such growth.

4. We at ODIN are confident, however, that the value we add for wealth creation will become self evident and grow as more ICOs and exchanges are added to the platform and as industry standards mature.