January 31st, 2019

ODIN signs strategic partnership with Venture Capital Network

ODIN, the curated token marketplace for ICO and STO projects, signs a strategic partnership with Venture Capital Network Pte Ltd (VCN), a Singapore-based company offering advisory services to SMEs. The partnership will enable VCN to refer fundraising projects to ODIN’s fundraising platform.

With its vision to become the finest financial service platform in Asia, leveraging on capital mechanisms to build a healthy fintech ecosystem, VCN is supported by global partnerships making the company uniquely poised to assist SMEs and aspiring entrepreneurs to list (ICO/IPO) on regional exchanges.

“We are very happy to team up with ODIN as we see a natural synergy between our two companies which can help assist ICO and STO projects reach their full potential”, says Janet Lee, CEO at Venture Capital Network.

ODIN will contribute to the partnership by working with VCN on projects looking to list on exchanges.

“The ODIN/VCN partnership is proving successful with successive project referrals already having been received. We’re confident this will continue and look forward to working with VCN to capitilize on our expanding platform user-base”, says ODIN CEO, Matthias Ang.