January 22nd, 2019

ODIN forms a strategic partnership with ICO solutions provider, ICOMain

Singapore, 11th January 2019 — ODIN, a one-stop marketplace to obtain up-to-date information on genuine Initial Coin Offering (ICO) projects, has announced a collaboration with ICOMain, an all-in-one ICO solutions provider. Through the collaboration, ICOMain can refer fundraising projects onto ODIN’s platform.

With a wide range of ICO advisory, technology and marketing solutions, ICOMain provides end-to-end services to its clients from conceptualization to implementation. The company spans across Asia and Europe with offices in Singapore, Hong Kong, India, Cyprus and the UK. ICOMain is also part of the Broctagon Fintech Group — a conglomerate with core competencies in 360° FinTech solutions as well as corporate consulting services for brokers and FinTech related businesses.

“This is an exciting partnership for both ODIN and us as we get to leverage on each other’s strength and capabilities. With ODIN’s large userbase platform and our expertise in turnkey solutions for ICO projects, we are confident this collaboration will take off,” said Kerry Gan, CEO of Broctagon Fintech Group, ICOMain and Go- Nexus.
ODIN, on the other hand, will be the official representative to the Broctagon network — by referring partners interested in margin trading or those that require liquidity solutions via Broctagon NEXUS.

“By partnering with ICOMain, Odin will better serve our users with the multitude of services that ICOMain offers. The team at ICOMain are in frequent look outs for new fundraising projects and we are more than happy to partner up and be their official representative,” said Mr Matthias Ang, CEO of ODIN.

ODIN was first launched in April 2017, with a focus on the ICO and soon to be both ICO/STO marketplace. Last December, the company entered a partnership with the global crypto trading platform, Dobitrade. ODIN also aims to enter into further exciting partnerships in the future by collaborating with cryptocurrency exchanges and communities in other parts of the globe such as North America and Europe to increase its user platform. It also plans to start its own security token sales in the future.

For more updates and news, users can visit ODIN’s website at or any of its social media channels.